Hey guys, welcome to my very fisrt actual campaign. This is not any actual system game, it is done over Skype™, and is considered as SkypeRPG, or just SRPG. Oh yeah, I’m 13.

Info about the campaign:

Alien Apocolypse: Unlike Zombies, Aliens think. They don’t go around eating brains, they torture, they plan ahead, and they have to think. They might even be successfull. This is why I chose aliens over Zombies. Also, its a Futuristic RP.

Futuristic RP: This Campaign takes place in the year 3294, in a time where we have found out there are other life forms on other planets (The Aliens just so happen to be from Neptune, in which their home planet’s living prerequisites are about the same as earths, other than their home’s gravity).

Thanks Katanaru (Marcus) – Lead SRPG Dungeon Master

SRPG - The Alien Apocalypse